Arizona Medical Association

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Benefit 1

Unite with your peers, more than 4,500 of them, who are working for the rights of physicians and patients.

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Benefit 2

Get up-to-the-minute information on state and national legislation and regulations as well as other late-breaking news of interest and importance to medicine.

Benefit 3

Receive exclusive rates on special services and products designed to make your practice run more efficiently.

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Legislative & Regulatory

Take a look at the latest ArMA efforts at the state legislature. Also, see what ArMA has done to help prepare you for HIPAA compliance.


MDRecord Version 5.0.3 now may be downloaded to your PC.

Learn more about the credentialing software database that includes the updated GACCP and Universal format, streamlines the process, decreases paperwork, and improves efficiency. This software is FREE for ArMA Members.

Looking for a Job?

ArMA has partnered with to provide ArMA members access to health care jobs statewide.


Health Topics

Here you’ll find resources on different diseases, disorders and illnesses. We’ve also included a list of clinics. Some of which offer services for free or at a reduced rate.

Which Physician Is For You?

Do you need to see an internist or a family physician? Will that pain in your chest send you to a cardiologist or a gastroenterologist? What do all these “gists” and “ists” mean? Click here to find out.

Health & Safety Tips

Click here to access health and safety tips that will be useful to you and your family.


Headline News

Want to know what’s happening at the state medical association? Curious about ArMA’s position on current trends and late-breaking medical news?

Weekly E-Newsletter

Read back issues or sign up for ArMA’s weekly e-newsletter that not only highlights the latest medical news, but also includes local physician sources and phone numbers to help get you started on your information gathering.

Find a Physician Source

Searching for a medical expert for your story? Download a copy of ArMA’s latest Physician Resource List, featuring more than 140 Arizona doctors.

New Stuff

Coding and Reimbursement Hotline: Coding advice for all specialties is now available to ArMA members to support your practice. Reimbursement liaison support for members is beginning, too. This service will assist in resolving specific issues surrounding various insurance plans. Simply call 602-347-6930 and the message will guide you.

Coding Workshops from ArMA: Click the following link to learn more about the new, informative and interactive workshops from ArMA on coding and documentation!

ArMA Classroom Page

Reporting Communicable Diseases: Communicable disease reporting is extremely important to public health and disease control. There are currently 71 reportable communicable diseases in Arizona. ArMA’s ad-hoc Committee on Public Health has created a flyer to help you better understand the communicable disease reporting process and its importance. Please click here to view a PDF version of this informative flyer, which also includes a list of the most frequently reported communicable diseases in Arizona.

Stanley v. McCarver ArMA’s legal counsel explains the recent Arizona Supreme Court decision that has expanded physician liability to non-patients. Click here (PDF)

Senator Kyl brochure explaining the new Medicare discount drug cards

Click here to download the brochure.